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An out of the box cross-cloud management and automation platform

From planning to the post-implementation administration and reporting, BinBox Hybrid Cloud Center provides all the necessary resources for an agile configuration of a true hybrid cloud solution, robust, secure and scalable, to actively meet the constantly evolving needs of a growing business. Acting as a bridge between the VMware, Azure Stack Hub and Azure Public resources, the portal keeps all the advantages of the public and private cloud, eliminating the hustle of using these technologies separated.


Our Network

Rehost, rearchitect, replatform with maximum flexibility

4 Azure Stack Regions

Choose from up to 5 Azure Stack regions to make sure your data residency and sovereignty, service availability, performance, cost, and redundancy requrements are fully met.

1 VMware Region

Eliminate complexity. Reduce cost. Count on reliability & sustainability. Keep everything under control.

60+ Azure Public Regions

Make sure your less sensitive workloads run under the same latency and compliance as the sensitive ones by choosing the right Azure Public region from more than 60 locations.

Transfer Speed up to 100 Gbps

Multiple fiber optics rings with speed of 100 Gbps with state-of-the-art routing and switching

Low Latency

Less than 5ms - for the most demanding Apps, IoT, AI and ML platforms

Network Protection

Cisco ACI (Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure) for Data Center FortiDDoS: Advanced DDoS Protection for Enterprise Data Centers


Way beyond a cloud management platform, BinBox Hybrid Cloud Manager puts at your disposal a complex Marketplace, accessible from the Service Catalog section. Explore a wide portfolio that includes a variety of VMware, Azure Stack and Azure Public services, as well as multiple CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) licenses that can be purchased and added into the tenant account.

Modern Workplace Solutions

Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions to empower your employees to work flexibly and productively. Leverage Microsoft 365 and a full suite of business apps to enhance agility and implement seamless communication across teams under a robust cybersecurity system.

Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft cloud services through a single platform. Pick what you need from a broad selection of Microsoft cloud services (AI, Azure AD, Blockchain, Compute, Containers, Databases, Developer Tools, DevOps, IoT, IT & Management Tools, Migration and more) based on a monthly subscription.

Azure App Service

Develop and host large-scale applications, mobile back ends, and RESTful APIs with modern technologies of your choice without managing infrastructure. Boost your agility with automated scaling and enhanced availability for Windows and Linux environments.

Key Features

Cross-Cloud Resource Provisioning, Management, Reporting & Billing From A SIngle Pane Of Glass


Provision and Manage VMs, Discovery and Sync, Policy Management, Metering and Monitoring & Scheduled tasks


VM Provisioning/management and Billing services are exposed as API endpoints for integration with existing solutions.


VM Provisioning & Management, Backups, ITSM, Approval Workflows & Portal extensions for Microsoft Azure Stack and Windows Azure Pack


Seamless integrations with existing data centers, public and private cloud. Check Policies, Soft budget, Quota Settings, Utilization Tracking & Auditing


Automated discovery of workloads & Migration of legacy assets to the cloud


Enable VM provisioning via manual and automated workflows with multi-level request/order management and approvals.

Unified Portal For All Your Cloud Needs

Experience BinBox Hybrid Cloud Manager as unified orchestration, automation and integration centre with a multi-tenant portal experience that facilitates provisioning and management of IaaS VMs, and other resources, to help cloud-based businesses handle multiple clouds and on-prem data centres in a unified self-service portal. Automate workloads provisioning, resource utilization tracking, usage reporting across cross-cloud platforms and data sources along with approval workflow processes gives you total control over your customer policies, pricing profiles, subscriptions, invoices, etc., specifically for chargeback purposes.

⦾ Manage workloads across VMware vCenter, System Center, Azure, Azure Stack Hub
⦾ Backup and restore VMs using Veeam
⦾ Enable VMprovisioning via manual and automated workflows using multi-tier approvals
⦾ Integrate with XaaS (anything as a service via PowerShell scripts)
⦾ Easily integrate Hybr with existing systems and DevOps pipelines via REST API endpoints
⦾ Capture usage, report and bill resource utilisation and service charges
⦾ Role-based Access Control integrated with On-Prem Active Directory or Azure AD

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